Tuesday, October 6, 2015

General Conference!

Week 3 transfer 9 down. Crazy!

Monday we got to play on the trampoline we played " ghost in the graveyard' pretty sure I haven't played that since living in Flat Gap(so before 2002)! After dinner we played a game called "Its alive" I tied for second place. Woohoo!

Tuesday we did area calls with our sisters. They are each so amazing. And so strong!

But before doing that we saved two goats which also met we saved a mother from the wrath of her teenage daughter. Our 8pm appointment forgot about us and wasn't home...but we had enough time to walk to the car and get in then she pulled up. How exciting!

I found a quote that I love:

" God doesn't care nearly as much about where you have been as he does about where you are and with help where you are willing to go." -faith in the future; remember lots wife

Wednesday we taught Paul this week. Paul is 99 and he is able to live alone. He goes for walks every morning. Paul might be in better shape than me. He's not a member but if not in this life for sure in the next. We then visited a former and she let us set up a return appointment and told us she was ordering us one of those water floss things. I'm excited. If anyone back home wants to tell me your product review that would be nice. But either way it's free so why not try it out.

Thursday....happy 1 year!!!! We had district meeting. Got to take a road trip to Johnstown. Had enough time to get back and met with Brooke. She's 10. Sweetest little girl ever. We taught about following the prophet. Her dad who isn't a member sat in on the lesson. It was so very sweet. Not sure how interested he is but him sitting in is a big step, I feel. We have dinner with them this week, I pray he stays in for the lesson then.

We had dinner with Earl and he adopted me as his grand daughter!!!!!!!! I'm number 8! All of which are sister missionaries, but he's not adopted every sister who has served here. What a great one year gift! I cried like a baby. I love this man with all my heart. I haven't met many as nice, and sincere as he. He loves others just as Christ himself would. This man is a great example to me of Christ like attributes. Friday...missionary leadership council, I found it very enlightening. And I got to see two of my past companions. With this next week we will have our area book on the iPad.

Conference weekend

woohoo. We watched the second session with the Matlocks and Earl. And had lunch with them. So many great things were said.

We watched the third session with the Martins. It was so fun. And Scott kept making us all these little crafts. It was sweet. And we got three new apostles! How great! I know with the spirit I felt and sustaining those three men plus the other apostles that they are each called of God.

Fourth session we watched with sister Rue. She is such a sweet lady.

And after we got to eat lunch with her. She also told us the quickest way to get to Livermore. woohoo! 1 hour there. instead of 1 hour 6 mins! Its very pretty out there. You are just literally in the middle of no where! I sent Lauren a video of the street we took, they can herd cattle down the street because well its the middle of no where.(maybe she will post it..not sure)

Conference was so good!

I just want you each to know I know the new and old apostles are called of God. I know our Prophet is called of God. I know we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and is aware of us. Every question I had was answered as it always has been. I'm so grateful for those who taught me the importance of conference and that it wasn't a weekend off from church. I'm grateful the Lord is able to speak to each of us. II know we have a Savior who loves us. I know they want us to be happy and return back to live with them. And we can! It is possible. Luke "For with God, nothing shall be impossible" We must keep progressing and moving towards our Father in Heaven. I love him. And I'm so grateful for this time I have to serve him.

Thank you each for your love and support.

Email me what you learned during conference.


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