Monday, October 12, 2015


This week...was so good, but so long.!!!

We went on exchanges...I was with Hermana Tanner. She is so very sweet! I love her. I learned so much from her, like Mr. Goodbar is a Canadian chocolate. And her love for finding. She truly is a great sister. While we were in Wellington I found a Canada flag sticker in our closet...I'm sure its been there forever. I thought it was super funny.

Also we had lunch with Earl before he left for Idaho. We ate at the T-Bar. It was so very sweet. I love this man and miss him so much! We taught Lillie while she was in town for 2 days! Lillie and Art, it was so cool! After we had to walk back to our car, walking past Earl's place was so hard knowing he wasn't going to be there anymore. I miss him. Hermana Tanner gives good hugs. And Earl hugged me goodbye! He's my grandpa! (:

The next exchange I was with Sister Thomas she is my "ginga sister!"

I love her so much! I was so sick on this exchange and she kept checking on me. It was sweet. Out side the institute building they had this nifty sign. Selfie with a sign.

My companion and I have been very very unified this week...let me tell you how it started Monday we both put down the visor in the car at the same time. Tuesday in a lesson we said the same thing at the same time. Wednesday we went on exchanges...I was starting to feel sick...Thursday I was on exchanges and felt terrible but kept pushing through because we are told to be "perfect" on exchanges. I knew I couldn't stop till at least 9:30pm. if not later. Friday we exchanged back...and we had both been sick, and had gotten sick at the same time. comp unity!!! Saturday we sneezed at the same time. Cute right? This week we are working on being unified in getting better together.

Highlights of my week

*So I think a couple weeks ago I told you how I was getting a water flosser! It came...and it came with a tooth brush!!!! Holy cow! What a blessing! So here is a photo of the box!

*Brooke is on date for baptism (Nov 7)

*Went up to Red Feather with Sister Knotts Saturday. Its so pretty up there. Car photo of me and my sick comp(comp unity)

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