Monday, November 16, 2015

Choose to be Happy

Nothing easy is worth it...

So this week our zone leaders wanted us to have all the info in our area book entered into the ipad area about rough. so we spent well over 10 hours on it.

This week not to many exciting things happened... but even with that being said I learned so much. Sometimes I really love being in Wellington other times I wonder how long I will be here. Its a great area, the people are great, but I get antsy being somewhere for what feels like so long. Over all I am grateful to be here in Wellington.

This week I found a cute yellow sweater at Goodwill still with the original tag on it. Holy cow how great! I was so happy about that. So one day while going through FoCo we took this funny photo. It was such a good day! I know Heavenly Father helped so much to help me stay focused on the work, because it could have been so easy to get distracted on pointless things.

Friday we got to go to Windsor to pick some stuff up and we were able to go to the Loveland zone and get a picture of the Fort Collins temple. These nice workers took a picture of us, I think his wife taught him well, it turned out to be a nice photo. It was nice to see the temple with all the things going on these last couple weeks, and literally even to just stand on the grounds was so cool, even if its not set apart yet.

There was a time before my mission where my friend Joe and I were coming back from going to the temple and we were driving on University and the sun was setting it was so pretty and I'll never forget that conversation about how calming it is to look at nature. Just like giving a baby a rattle, Heavenly Father gives us adults nature to keep us calm and happy. When I saw this the other day, all I could think about was that conversation with Joe and how aware Heavenly Father is of each of us. I know he knows us, I know he loves us. I know we need to choose to be happy instead of thinking "I'll be happy when___" I know Heavenly Fathers love fixes everything. His love provides strength, instills hope, fill voids and makes enjoying to the end much more enjoyable. We just need to turn to them always instead of trying to do things "our way." I love the scripture in Doctrine & Covenants 84:88 I know the Lord is there, he is aware of each of us. I can't even express how true I know that to be. I'd rather keep my trials any day. They are hard, but they build character.

Monday, the reason this email is late is because...I went to Chuckie Cheese for the first time ever!!!

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