Monday, November 23, 2015

More Exchanges

Sometimes I love being a Sister Training Leader, other times I hate it.

I love getting to know the sisters and serving them, I also really love exchanges. I love hearing about the people in their areas. I love seeing others happy about this great work we are called to do.

I hate it when Sisters complain because they have to miss stuff in their area, or worse when they pull their district leader into this...first off exchanges are inspired you don't like to God.

This week was nice, we had exchanges and I got to try Ketchup chips Sister Maxwell is so fun! For lunch I took her to Chick Fil A she had never been! It was so fun, and she liked it. She is also the first person to tell me she loves McDonald's.

My next exchange was with Sister Jenks. This sister is like my long lost sister. I just love her so much! We got to do my favorite service project- Painting. (:  Then we drove to Cheyenne to take her back...where I got my 1st snow picture of the year. Yah!

This is Dale, he invited us to a singles Thanksgiving dinner for the was a regional thing. It was kind of fun...But kind of made me think of how I don't ever want to go to those kind of dinners if I'm single and 60...especially if all they do it play love songs...Dale is super kind. He is a less active who we now met with twice a week. He is very kind. And can be funny...I guess.

Apparently I don't laugh a lot. Or laugh at the things most people do or say...I'm like a old person with no sense of humor. I just truly don't find most things funny...and I see no reason in faking a laugh.

This picture of the sky is another tender mercy photo. I know I'm not a perfect missionary nor will I ever be. I struggle, stumble, often. I make mistakes and often have no clue what I'm doing even in the field any more but I know the Savior is working through me to accomplish his work. I'm trying and sometimes that's all I can do. Even when its hard.

I read a quote this last week that said "If you forget what you learned on your mission, what was the point? The fact of the matter is that the mission is the MTC for the rest of your life. The mission shouldn't stand out as a unique opportunity. It just prepares you for everything else we have to do." -Steven Peterson So no matter how rough it gets I'm going to keep going.

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