Monday, November 30, 2015

Never Give Up!

Some times on Monday I forget everything that happened! Like this is the last week of the transfer...where has the time gone! But I guess wee should talk about week 5. I know I had a lot of experiences that helped me grow.

I will say to start off one thing I'm grateful is my parents taught me to "never give up" There were some times this week I just wanted to crawl back into bed and be done with the day even when I just rolled out of bed....but Heavenly Father answers prayers. Yours and mine, all of ours!

This week I got to go to Laramie and do exchanges. I was with Sister Russell. She is a sweet sister. This sister is strong. She is so funny, and I love her laugh! She hasn't been out very long yet but she knows so much. I got to attend their district meeting, and give my 4th training ever. It was a little nerve racking...I know I talk all the time but I don't do well in front of people like groups of people. I know Heavenly Father helped me through that since I only had 1 day to prepare.( Its like getting asked to give a talk the night before. Its kind of nerve racking. -Just saying! )

So funny...but not so funny story a couple people we've met with in the last couple weeks have gotten lice, yuck right! We have been checked and nothing...we are clear! Holy Cow how amazing is that? It was a miracle that's for sure!

Thanksgiving was good, it snowed a lot! You all should know I'm not a fan of snow! But however I am a fan of taking snow pictures.

P.s. I did help clear the car, I just missed a couple spots! (:

We had dinner with the Mortensons it was so fun! We played uno after dinner and it was great...I kind of thought Thanksgiving would suck because I can't eat dairy but this family was so good to me. I even had my own special mashed potatoes. The rolls were so good! They have a daughter on a mission in Mexico whose been out about 7 months. I'm grateful we were able to be there with them.

Embarrassing, funny moment I was kicking snow off the car, and slipped on worries my bag caught me!

Dale came to church on Sunday and we took a picture was the first time he had come in over 4 years!

We got to paper shred our area book yesterday...all gone!

I feel like sometimes I'm trying to juggle everything. I can't believe where the time has went with my mission. I just want to go back to being trained. I don't want to be nearing the end of my mission. I've been blessed with the time I have been out here, I've learned so much about the Savior. I've been reading in the Gospels(Matthew, Mark,Luke, John in New Testament) and in 3 Nephi ( The Book Of Mormon) to prepare for this Christmas season, its been so great. I know he knows each of us, he loves us and understands us always. He repairs of mistakes, and broken wounds. We can choose to follow him, and when we do, and we repent of our sins, weakness, and so forth he's able to heal us. I know this is true. He can fix each of us, and truly heal us. I know my knowledge of the Savior has given me hope to keep going. Even as a missionary I need him, I can't and wont ever be able to do this alone. I'm grateful for this gospel and the knowledge that I have of the Savior. My heart is full of love for the Savior, and my Father who is in Heaven. Keep being great everyone. And remember the reason for the season.

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