Monday, December 7, 2015

New Companion: Sister Malekamu

Tomorrow I get a new companion...Sister Malekamu!!! She was in my MTC group. She is going to be my 4th California companion.

This week was crazy, I for sure thought I was getting transferred. I'm glad I didn't though. I love Wellington, even if I don't really like small towns, especially since I come from a small town. Wellington is different.

This week we finished exchanges it was fun, I got to be with Sister Gardner for the first time ever on exchanges. She is a very sweet sister from Southern Utah. I decided on exchanges we'd go contacting potentials and it was great we were able to teach six lessons total, two of those were to active members (dinner and our very last one) but it was great.

When we exchanged back we had dinner at Annogs in Laramie, WY its a Thai place. So good! I whipped out and got pot stickers. They were so good!

This week we got to see Sister Lane who is an active member whose not been able to come because she hurt her back some how or another...its been really hard on her. I was so grateful we got to see her. It was really neat to hear her bare her testimony to us of how this trial has strengthened her testimony of the Atonement.

We had a really cool experience were I had to use the restroom and we decided to just stop at a members house, and this member was finishing up some stuff so we sat there and waited...we then listened to her tell us whats been going on, we shared a Mormon message with her it was so good. And we asked her two sons, (age 5, and 3) what they love about their mom, it was so sweet. I am a firm believer that hearing the people you love tell you some of the many reasons they love you is the cure for everything. If your mad at someone but you look at why you love them, you will not be mad at them much longer. If you feel burdened down by things ask Heavenly Father to help make his love known unto unto you. Your view changes. I know Heavenly Father guided us to them.

I'm grateful I have this time to serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. Sometimes I wonder if I have more to give because I feel so drained but I know Heavenly Father helps me push myself even more.

I know Heavenly Father loves all of us, and we are of so much worth. "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God." A quote I've come to love is from Sister Dalton..."She know who she was, and whose she was." I know when we come to know our Father in Heaven better we come to know ourselves better. I know he knows us, he knows our stengthens, weakness and how to help us overcome our fears. He is there for us. We are in his arms. Always.

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