Monday, February 8, 2016

Challenges of Change

This week has been an adventure. Right now I'm trying to keep my head above water.

 For the last few weeks a quote from Frozen has been at the top of my mind. Olfa "True love is putting someone else before yourself" and "your worth melting for" -mostly the first one.

The last couple weeks I've seen so many answers to prayers and the spirit truly at work. I'm so grateful for this. This week has been eventful, needless to say. I'm no longer training and I have a new companion. Yes, three weeks into the transfer. Talk about adjusting.

I feel that's what 2016 has in store for me...lots and lots of adjusting. Well, we will keep this short...lets just say to kill stress, our Branch president's daughter gave us some of her older stuffed animals, and we killed them. Below is the eagle. Piggie died as well, the bears and panda lived.

 Sister Bair took us to see Carthage Jail. I got a new companion this week, Her name is Hermana Areno. She's from Las Vegas. Who knows how long we will be together. But I'm 11 months older. Right now I just want to end my mission strong. I don't care about training, or having a new companion, etc. I just want to take care of the one thing I can control!

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