Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Busy Week . . . Lots of Lessons!

Well let's see this week was super long. Luckily the days were fast, but looking back Monday feels like it was so long ago.

 Monday we had two dinners...what do you do when a less active and active person (celebrating a birthday) want to feed you....well you end up with two dinners because I don't have a heart to say "No".... Yes that's still a downside I have. And with the one dinner, we were eating pizza...it doesn't even taste good. So the rest of the evening...I didn't feel very well. And dinner number two was a late dinner( I hate eating after 7 pm) but it worked out for the best I guess.

Tuesday....what a day! We did service, had lunch with a member. Had some appointments fall through, typically missionary thing. Visited with an active struggling member, which made her day. Then visited with a less active, Ben. (He even came to church Sunday although he was sick. ) Which was nice, got him introduced to a lot of the people here, he has only came a couple times since he was 14, he's in his late 30's now. Our lesson was super awesome! He knows Heavenly Father has been preparing him to come back, he wants a calling, he wants to have a purpose which the gospel of Jesus Christ gives us. It's neat to see things clicking with him, when we are there. I think we ALL know what it's like to seek to have a purpose in life, to belong someone. It's neat how the true, restored gospel of Jesus Christ gives us just that. So I look forward to out next visit with Ben. He's about half way through the Book Of Mormon (Alma32-3 Nephi 11) he's making so much progress in these short 3 weeks we've know him.

Tuesday night we had two dinners....(birthday dinner for a less active and another active dinner with a family we dearly love) again.. So needless to say by Tuesday night I never wanted to see let alone eat again...(we had eaten 8 meals in 48 hours) and many people think we should eat like Elders do, just saying I'm a sister and I don't have a big apatite but I made the most of it. ;) At the birthday dinner, we got this bubble stuff, it was way harder than it looks, it took me a while to blow some perfect bubbles.

Wednesday we drove to Cheyenne, Wy for Zone Meeting and call pulled the Sidney sisters! So fun!! I love those sisters so much! They are such a joy to be around, they have such a light and desire to serve Heavenly Father so I love them to death! We got permission to celebrate at Olive Garden, me getting into college, and also Sister Wades' birthday!! (22) Over all it was a great day! Lots of traveling. And finally only 1 dinner. Then a lesson with a less active family. It was so fun!

Thursday was pretty uneventful.

Friday, area calls with our stl's and then later Friday night we found out a less active moved, quite her job but still lives in Alliance....we stopped by her place and someone who was smoking outside the apartment complex told us she had moved about a month ago, well we then went to Safeway where she had worked, (we really only shop there in hopes of finding here) well I couldn't just ask if she worked here, so I bought some brownies, and was like " Hey I haven't seen so and so here in a while, is she still working here" the worker "No, she quit, and moved, I love her, glad she's still living in Alliance." Haha we will find you. And on a side note I got yummy brownies out of it...talk about miracles.

Saturday, we were able to get an other lesson while having our free lunch (provided by another church) which was nice. The guy who helps out there was talking about Heavenly Father and how we are his children. My thoughts went straight to the video "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father" Mormon message. Which helped us have a great conversation. His church believes Jesus and God are the same person....we didn't dig into that but one day.....right now we aren't sure if He is into our message or us...Of course He liks Jesus, he wears shirts with Him on it, but when I told him I'm almost done with my mission He gave me his number, and told me He wants to stay in touch....he also says other things that make you wonder...oh well.

President Brown told me I'm not to learn Spanish (my comp is a Hermana) I am only to speak my assigned language. Which is rough at times (well really only this time), but then again I can understand what's going on, but not speak it . . . Saturday she taught a Spanish family. Which she was happy about but then I got lost in parts and I couldn't just jump in to rescue . . . so its a good thing the Spirit was there. I know He guided that lesson, and helped both of us, me to understand, and her to speak Spanish.

Sunday church was good, while trying to contact a referral we went down a street and saw two guys wrestling, well I tried not to think much about it, but as we got closer I saw the one man had an ax and some ladies were trying to break it up and get the ax away from them!! holy Flip, craziest thing I've seen since Kentucky. It was kind of scary, luckily the referral wasn't them, but we will probably try those people in a couple weeks, (let everything cool down) from the looks of everything one guys face was bloody but they ladies walked away with one guy...(of course we watched from afar-what if we needed to call 911)

The best moment happened last night...drum roll everyone!!!

We FINALLY taught a total of 20 lesson! I know the mission doesn't count this as a key indicator anymore but I still count it for my myself. It was one of the most joyful moment of my week.

I was reading in my studies this past week an article from the "New Era" and it was about being perfect, it was about a young lady who did many different things and wanted to excel in all of them but had so much piled up on her plate, it made me think to my life before the mission, I wanted to do so many things and be perfect in them all, but you learn quickly you can't do everything, especially all at the same time. I learned really quick in the beginning of my mission, I couldn't serve Heavenly Father perfectly and be focused on things back home, I needed to be perfect in the things I had control over. I can be perfect in trying...even though I may not be perfect in anything else, God doesn't ask us to teach 20 lessons a week, or to have a baptism every month. Yes, those would be nice, but Heavenly Father knows what we are able to do and he is there to help us. He loves us and knows us. Our Savior, died for us, and rose on the third day. I love this new Easter video. The phrase "If we let him" He can help us each to overcome the things we face in this life. We face many different things daily, but we don't have to do it alone. We can be perfect in trying. They can help us. I'd like to invite each of you to find ways you can follow him, and ways you can each share this video with those around you. I hope you each know I love you, but most importantly God loves you. https://www.mormon.org/easter/hallelujah

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