Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Service Pays in Blessings

Where did week 1 even go...I don't like how fast time is going.

Monday I applied for school. Which was crazy! Still having a hard time thinking about the fact I go home in now 6 weeks. Pday last week wasn't very interesting...we did laundry. So I decided to take a picture...normal missionaries Pday.

Tuesday while most missionaries got transferred I stayed in my area. Which I have had to adjust to thats for sure. So last week I wrote about how someone got mad at us and yelled at us, well this week I sucked up my pride and we went and did service for them...today they are taking us for pizza to celebrate a birthday....sounds like death. oh well. We also met with some members to talk with them about them helping out with missionary work and getting them to come to lessons.

Wednesday I got probably the best news I could have ever gotten. I got accepted to one of the schools I've applied for! Which honestly my faith in getting into any school was very slim. But I got in!!! The Hancocks' treated us to dinner because I got into school. And I got free muffins from a bakery here.

Thursday we had district meeting which was fun.We met a less active family we've been trying for weeks! Which was way nice.

Friday we did some service. Way fun! I love the thrift store. Its so fun!
We also painted at a members house. Which was a blast. I love painting. Its very relaxing.
Saturday such a busy day. We had free lunch, and met a less active from Cheyenne who served a misison nd everything who has left the church. I'm grateful for my testimony and the knowledge I have of the gospel, and the opportunity to apply it to my life moment by moment. It was a crazy experience.

Sunday, Fasting was a great experience to be able to humble myself and seek to find answers to myself. I am grateful for our Father in Heaven, for His great knowledge in knowing what we always need and what is best for each of us.

As of now, I don't know any set plans for after the mission or for what or who I'll see tomorrow but I know through prayer our Father in Heaven can help.

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