Tuesday, March 1, 2016

We Don't Have to Climb Alone

Yes so today is my last week one pday. Happy leap year!

As you know last Monday we did make overs with Sister Bair. (Refer to previous weeks email). Last Monday I got permission to start applying to school. (Today I finished, thanks to Lauren Hardy).

On Tuesday we did service, I was able to find a bunch on Nebraska shirts in various sizes for different missionaries, mostly some sister missionaries. Since we are the first sisters to be in Nebraska in along time. Sister Hancock gave us some essential oils today to help us sleep, me and my comp have both been struggling. I fall asleep fast, but don't stay asleep very long. However my comp has a hard time falling asleep but is out once she's asleep.

Wednesday was a rough day. We got yelled at by some people and were told that because of us the people here in Alliance have a now different view of the church. (Not a good one). I wish that was all of it, sadly it wasn't.....Wednesday seemed to last forever! At the end of our day Sister Hancock sent us a text, which helped me gain a smile, among many tears from this day....her text said "You ladies have a good night. I just want you to know you are loved and that you are doing an amazing job, love ya!"

Our relief society president even told us "You have done more in your short time here then any missionary has in our 5 years here." Sometimes I wish I could see that myself. I know things have gotten better, especially since my first week. I work best with fast pace work, and right now that's not happening. Which puts me sometimes into a damper.

Thursday we had our district meeting and it was so good. Our district leader quoted Elder Gene R Cook in his teaching by the spirit, which he heard while with Elder Campbell who got the cd from me. I love that talk so much. So hearing him talk about it brighten my day.

Friday, well we finally had a Friday that we finished weekly planning on the same day we started it. Which was way nice.

Saturday we had a less with a less active, which was so good. Brother Fretwell is amazing. It was our first lesson, and although I knew since it was just us and him it needed to be quick, I also knew the spirit was there. We were able to get a return appointment and we were also able to invite him to read Alma 7 to read. (Sunday he came to church, and Sunday night sent us a text saying thank you, and that he was in Alma 18. )

Sunday my comp spoke in church, I got out of it because I've already spoken not to long ago. Sister Banks also spoke in church, I can't remember what she said or anything but I remember the spirit telling me that I can rely on Heavenly Father. Which was very comforting to have that reminder. I don't have to carry all of this alone. I know I'm known by Him. He is there. And just like the photo of the little boy climbing up the rocks to Christ, His hand is out reached to each of us. I don't have to climb alone, he can help lift me, and pull me out...If I only but let him. (John14:18)

Week 1 of my last transfer
Don't have much time...
important news
-I'm staying
-So is my companion
-We have a new investigator (Little, he's 9)
-District meeting are amazing
-Goodbye Sis Helsing -we love popcorn, and Nebraska
-I get to start "My plan" this transfer. It is an online course preparing me for life after the mission.
- saw Carhenge (sounds like Stonehenge . . . and looks like it too . . .) AGAIN!

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